Our Approach

We believe that we are the ideal organization to be offering community development services. Partners for Humanity Foundation is a well-established team of professionals that represent the multicultural vision we endorse and aspire to cultivate broadly. We understand that a key component of effective advocacy at a community level is trust. Drawing from research and experience both local and abroad, Partners for Humanity adopts an approach to community economic development that views all participants as partners rather than beneficiaries; this, we believe, is the best model for building trusting relationships that can address the needs of children and families-the foundations of any healthy community initiative. Along with our collaborators, we operate under the general principle of careful listening and understanding in order to foster goodwill between partners and participants to ultimately achieve sustainable community development. This is the heart of the Partners for Humanity approach which is grounded in a strong commitment to education, community health and safety, social entrepreneurship, and human rights.

Our statement of principle reflects the values of the communities we serve: If we do the job right, we will have the opportunity and privilege to continue to serve…and that is really what it is all about.


We will be faced with challenges that will require appropriate actions and strategies to support required changes. The responsibility for guiding the shift from a focus on child protection to healthy families; developing positive communities, and achieving better outcomes for children and families is integral to the Partners for Humanity Foundation.

Using our capacity to think in a strategic and visionary manner, we will monitor performance within the regions we cover as it relates to fiscal and resource management and provide feedback to our funders/sponsors/partners regarding the use of these resources for the provision of services.  We will represent a role model to others in areas such as dealing with open communication, collaboration, adapting to change, and demonstrating honesty. Serving Edmonton first, we will effectively use technology, innovation and experience to demonstrate our ability to address pressing needs in a highly mobile environment.

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