Who We Are


Vibrant, safe, educated, and healthy individuals and families where dignity and respect are fostered, and everyone flourishes.


In partnership with our collaborating agencies, we strive to unlock the potential of the communities we serve through access to quality education, and preventative programs that build healthy families for shared prosperity in Edmonton, Alberta. We also support community development initiatives in Kenya to uphold equity and equality for all.


  1. We are passionate about supporting peoples’ values, hopes and aspirations
  2. Promote and protect the rights of children, youth and mothers
  3. Use our resources as efficiently and effectively as possible while delivering meaningful and lasting results
  4. Demonstrate trust, integrity, and maintain full transparency and accountability in sharing information with our stakeholders
  5. Deliver meaningful and lasting results, while reflecting on and continually improving our work
  6. Sensitive and responsive to our communities’ needs
  7. Support professional and personal growth, openness and collaboration, teamwork

The Team
We have developed an experienced, knowledgeable dynamic team of professionals to meet our mandate: “strive to break the cycles of poverty, family violence, social isolation, elder abuse, unhealthy lifestyle, and illiteracy that prevent people from becoming strong, and sound individuals”.

Team members have diverse interests and experience working with children, youth, families, and communities in both Alberta and abroad for children and families to achieve brighter future. Partners for Humanity Foundation members share a common ethos and vision: work to foster a society in which families are secure and resilient, and vulnerable individuals have the support they need so that no one is left behind.”

The Partners for Humanity Foundation was incorporated as Rescue the Nomadic Woman in Edmonton, Alberta, on June 23rd 2014.

Corporate Number: 5018308089

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