Partners for Humanity Foundation (formerly Rescue the Nomadic Woman (RTNW)) evolved out of several research studies undertaken by a team focusing on refugees and immigrants in Edmonton, Alberta, and internally displaced, famine-ravaged families in Northeastern Kenya. Through these researches, communities have told us where urgent and immediate actions are needed to support and help people to achieve large-scale social impacts. One significant concern that many have raised is the challenges newcomers’ children face in succeeding in our education system due to language and other cultural barriers.

The idea of Partners for Humanity emerged in 2013 and grew from a series of discussions within the same team of multicultural individuals and researchers at the University of Alberta who sought ways to strengthen refugees and immigrant communities in the study areas. Established newcomers who attended these discussions expressed concerns about the youth of their communities, and they proposed that the best solution was to provide a program rooted in foundational youth development. This, it turns out, was not merely a suggestion but a necessity, as demonstrated by the enthusiasm and success of the organization thus far. Partners for Humanity—which fundamentally represents “bridge” between Canadian prosperity and the marginalized groups who are excluded from it—has been evolving ever since and continues to evolve to this day, seeking to distribute prosperity and abundance equally to all humanity.

Partners for Humanity Foundation is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Today, the organization focuses its efforts in Edmonton and Kenya to improve the health and well-being of families by applying new insights and innovative approaches. Partners for Humanity Foundation is a collective of experienced, knowledgeable professionals, and a dynamic team that can meet their  mandate: ’empower  individuals  and families by working with our partners in supporting quality education, affordable healthcare, and  enhancement of economic security for women. Through inter-agency collaboration, we strive to  provide opportunities for people in Edmonton to thrive-both as individuals and contributors to a healthy and prosperous community. In Kenya, our efforts are geared toward  addressing the deep-rooted need for accessible and affordable healthcare for chronic illnesses, and  quality education for girls of poor backgrounds, orphans, and for persons with disabilities. To quote Albert Pine:

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal“.


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Monica Small 2016-02-02 — 1:26 pm

    Hi, my name is Monica Small. I live here in Edmonton but used to make frequent trips to Kibera,Kenya starting in 2007 and called that home. I made a trip in 2007 and after being home for 5 months my friend begged me to come back because of the civil unrest. I would truly love to volunteer with your organization in any way you could use me. My love for Kenya is deep and the people Ive helped while there will always be a huge part of my life. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

    Monica Small

    1. Thank you for your interest Monica! We would love to have you join us. Habiba and I are in the early stages of planning our next activities and would like to keep you posted.


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